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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Product Review: SideSwipe Blade

My trusty Kitchen Aid beater was starting to chip after too many runs in the dishwasher (which, apparently I am not supposed to put it in). In the market for a new beater, I had heard about the SideSwipe beater and just decided to get it!

The first thing I noticed was the big set of instructions. There are a few restrictions to using the Sideswipe blade, such as: no peanut butter, no chunky ingredients like chips, only for use on low speed. The little blue fingers are firm with a little give to them, and definitely hug the bowl nicely. Cleaning can be a little tedious, getting it out of the grooves, but this is also depends on the batter... really fingers work best!

Results: Here is a video I made of the SideSwipe in action, I think it speaks for itself! I used peanut butter (oops!) and it worked just fine. Also, my mixer jostles around a bit, I think because it is not aligned properly and one side of the bowl gets hit with more pressure than the other. If tinypic is being uncooperative with the embedded video, click on the link below and you should be able to see the it.

A link for those that can't see the video


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I'm out of town but ordered it for my return. I also see KA will have their own version out shortly which looks slightly different. I'm assuming it will at the least be a good addition to my now very old mixer which still carries on.

deLa said...

did not know i wasn't supposed to put my beater in the dishwasher, thank you for that!

we jsut moved and finally got a dishwasher so i am putting everything i can in it. maybe the new will wear off soon :D