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Friday, April 24, 2009

Pineapple Rum Cocktail

A refreshing drink, great for the start of spring and summer weather. Enjoy!

Pineapple Rum Cocktail
Source: Everyday Food Magazine

46 ounces pineapple juice
2 cups spiced rum
1/2 cup lime juice

Combine in a large pitcher, chill and serve over ice. Garnish with lime slice.


Anonymous said...

Yes please!! :)
This looks really refreshing. I used to make something similar in Japan (with over-priced rum from the import food store)

Kelsey said...

I'll bring the food if you'll make up a big batch of these. When should I be at your place?

Scate said...

This is exactly what a Friday afternoon is calling for! thanks

Cookie said...

VERY nice! Now if the weather will just warm up in SF so I can ENJOY something cold! :)

BTW how can you NOT like asparagus? Maybe you can mix it up in the food processor and serve it over something like a sauce. I doubt you'll even taste it that way! It can be like asparagus guac! :)

Juliana said...

Such a great start for the weekend! Cheers!

Joelen said...

This looks so refreshing!

Carrie said...

Wow, that looks very yummy!

Anonymous said...

YUMMY! I made this drink for friends and got all raves!!! Thanks for the recipe. :)